Happy Homes with Cassandra Danson

Happy Homes with Cassandra Danson

This Happy Homes article takes us into the bright, happy and vibrant home of @our.home.le.fleur

Artwork featured: Flora Floss, Surfmist Peach and Fizzy Sherbet in A3 size

Hi Cass! Can you give us a little insight into your world?

Hey Erin! I'm a mum to a beautiful 2 year old who I spend most of my days with. I also work part time as in optics making optical glasses and have for 10 years now! Six months ago my husband, Lola and I moved into our first family home after a quick five month build. That is when I started my account @our.home.le.fleur to share some photos of our styled home. Now, six months later I spend a large amount of my time styling and photographing our home to share on the gram. It's become something I really enjoy.


When did you discover your passion for home styling?

I have always had an interest in styling but first found my love for interior styling this year when we moved into our new home. Whilst we were building I was on Pinterest 24/7 making boards for our new house. Funny thing is I ended up styling our home completely different to any of those boards.

Your home is so bright and happy, where do you find your inspiration?

I have always preferred colour over neutrals in all other aspects of my life so it only made sense to bring that colour into my home as well. I draw a lot of inspo from those beautiful bright UK homes as well but add my own touch of using softer colours.

How do you describe your interior style?

This is a hard question because I don't really have a particular style. I just style with colours and items I love and believe work well together in my home. I probably pull a little bit of this and that from different interior styles (scandi, coastal, mid century) and make it my own. I don't think you need to stick to one style in your home, you can mix and match which is the beauty of styling.

What item/s in your home can you not live without?

Apart from necessities I would have to say wall art. I could not go without artwork in our home, I think artwork is what really brings the walls in your home to life!

Artwork featured: Surfmist Peach in A3 size

What products in your home does your toddler use the most?

It would be a tie between her play kitchen and her art and craft station. Lola is such a creative little soul with the biggest imagination. If she's not serving us cake and coffee from her little café she's drawing or painting us a masterpiece.

As a busy mum, when you get time to yourself how do you like to spend it?

Honestly my life is go go go so when i get some time to myself all i want to do is relax. Face mask, pamper sesh, my favourite TV series and a glass of wine in pure silence is my idea of a good time.

Do you plan / moodboard out your spaces before you start styling or do you collect decor as you go along?

I don't usually unless I'm struggling to visualise how it will all come together. The only places I have needed to do up a mood board so far were for my office space and Lola's cubby house. I do enjoy making mood boards though and have done a few for other people to help them with ideas for their space. 

Do you have any pets?

I sure do! I have a dog, her name is Juno and she's a Cavalier King Charles. She's the most beautiful natured but the most neediest dog alive. Her and Lola are the best of friends and double trouble!!

What is your favourite house project that you’ve worked on?

I have a lot of projects I have loved working on but my fave would be our master bedroom/bathroom. It is probably one of the more simply styled rooms in our house but it's filled with warm light and soft colours that make it the most cosiest room ever!

Do you have any tips for styling a bed to make it look 'complete'?

I think you need a few cute throw pillows, a flat sheet and a cosy blanket to top it all off. When styling a bed I think you want it to look bright and beautiful but super cosy like you could jump straight into it and fall asleep.

Artwork featured: Flora Floss, Surfmist Peach and Fizzy Sherbet in A3 size

What are your top 5 small businesses you love to support?

  • Palm Abode - I love Jannah and all of her beautiful homewares.
  • The Bahan Collective - Lauren and Patrick are so genuine and funny, I love to be able to relate to brands and know you are supporting amazing people
  • Lettie and P- I love and appreciate anything hand made and Jenna makes the most beautiful products with so much love.
  • Silk Flora - I found this amazing artificial flower shop online a few years ago and instantly fell in love with their product and service! Its a family business and you can tell they love what they do.
  • and last but not least Plantiful Life of Erin of course! My absolute favourite artwork in my home from one of the sweetest people I've had the honor of connecting with through social media. I've already gotten my brother onto your artwork as well which he has on display in his beautiful home.

    Do you prefer fresh or fake/dried flowers and plants? 

    Nothing beats fresh flowers but also they never last long so i always have a few bouquets of artificial flowers around of home for a pop of colourful florals all year round. I love artificial poppies the most.

    What are your go-to interior shops/brands to shop from?

    Some of my favorite interior brands to shop are, Kip and co, Sage and Clare, Adair's, target and of course everyone's beloved Kmart!

    What project are you working on next?

    My next Project is our outdoor living space. We are going to be building a pergola and starting to style our decking space, hopefully in time for summer! Hoping to share more of our outdoor space with everyone over the coming months.

    Click here to visit @our.home.le.fleur on Instagram. 

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