How to style a nursery

How to style a nursery

A sanctuary for a new baby

With a new arrival on the way, it was an absolute joy to create a nursery that’s full of love and inspiring pieces that both Banjo and I can enjoy as we start our journey together.

As this is my second baby, I’ve picked up some useful tips and tricks along the way when it comes to styling a beautiful space for both practicality and cuteness.

I’ve decided to share my process of how I designed this nursery from start to finish. Read on for a peek into my baby boy’s space and be inspired to create a dream nook for your own bundle of joy.


Choose a hero piece

This is the fun (and important) starting point of designing your nursery. Select a statement piece that will set the scene for the room and help in your selection of décor and furnishings for the rest of the space. When it came to Banjo's nursery, I wanted to create some new and very special artwork, so I painted some whimsical characters that are cute for a baby but also to grow with as his room evolves over the coming years. In his little nook, I’ve featured my Frankie the Fawn and Kenny the Koala artworks in A2 size. I drew influence from the colours and style of the artwork as inspiration for the whole nursery. This meant that a combination of sage greens, neutral tones and hints of brown became the palette that I based all my other selections on. 

Create a moodboard

Find furniture and additional decor items to complement your feature piece. Alongside my hero artwork, I found a handful of other large feature pieces to add interest and depth to Banjo's nursery.

In this space, I couldn’t go past the gorgeous sage green canopy from Kiin Baby, the rust ottoman from Hunter and Nomad, and the vegan leather bunting from, which highlights the hues of my artwork and selected colour palette. Depending on the size of your nursery, you could also consider a teepee, play gym or bookshelf.

Select stylish (and comfortable) furniture

As both baby and you will be spending a lot of time in this space, it’s essential to include some practical furniture that will help you both to enjoy the surroundings and feel comfortable at the same time. Minimal designed furniture doesn’t over complicate the space but will still look amazing.

A cot and change table are an absolute must and there are some stylish options available to match your chosen aesthetic.

I’ve opted for a Scandinavian inspired cot and change table from B2C Furniture, as the white and light timber complements the colours of the nursery.

A handy tip is to select items with soft rounded corners to ensure your little one doesn’t bump their head on sharp edges. Also don’t forget to create a comfortable seating area for you!

Somewhere to sit 

Whether it’s feeding your bub or settling them to sleep, you’ll spend plenty of time sitting. As this room was previously my office and guest room, I’ve kept my Lifely furniture sofa bed in the room for feeding, reading to my big boy Elijah while comforting bub and to use as an extra space for guests to stay.

Dress your windows

Curtains, blinds or shutters are a must when setting up a nursery. With long narrow windows in Banjo's room I opted for vertical shutters from Shutters Dept. They create a beautiful soft feel in the room and are easy to open and close. Shutters can be positioned for the light to be shining up or down, so I can direct the sunlight away from his little face and adjust the amount of light that enters the room. 

Storage is key

You can never have too much storage, as with a baby comes a lot of stuff. From those essentials like nappies, wipes and creams to toys and accessories, storage baskets (mine are from Myle) are a perfect solution to store these items under the change table and around the room to minimise the clutter. 

 Toys and books

As bub gets older, it’s also really nice for them to be able to access toys and books from a basket by themselves (encouraging independent play and allowing them to explore their environment). I also love styling practical items that look pretty and can be easily accessed for on the go in a nursery. 

If you have a toddler, put the baby toys on a low shelf for them to reach while you are changing bubs nappy. I tell Elijah these toys are not to leave Banjo's room, so they feel special for him to play with when I'm changing nappies or putting clothes away in the nursery. 

Practical items to grab and go

In my baby boy’s room, I’ve used a Chekoh wrap, BubnestCuddle+Kind knitted dollRiff Raff sleep toy, Al.ive Body nappy and nipple cream, plus a Tottie baby bag as practical yet decorative items that I also know I’ll need to grab pronto!

Sprinkle some magic

Inject personality and detail into your nursery by including little decorative pieces to complete the space. I love using books, cushions (The Bahan Collective is my favourite for cushions!) and soft toys to add character to the room (plus it’s so much fun shopping for these little trinkets and treasures!).

Just ensure the pieces you select match your colour palette for a cohesive look. Last (but not least), a stunning rug will tie the entire space together and create much needed softness underfoot.

I’m in love with my chosen rug from Luxo Living – a subtle pattern with soft hues brings texture and interest to the room.


The finished outcome is a true labour of love - a gorgeous sanctuary for my baby boy to explore, play, rest and grow.

I hope this has inspired you on your journey to creating the nursery of your dreams. And if you loved my new artwork! After creating these 2 pieces I created 4 more and created a print collection from them - I invite you to explore the full Happy Friends Collection here. Happy shopping!


Product Source List:

Kiin Baby: Canopy, Rainbow Wall Hanging, Cot Sheets, Change Table Covers, Bassinet Sheets, Teethers, Swaddles, Beanies, Rainbow Tower Stacker.

B2C Furniture: Cot, Change Table

Shutters Dept: Shutters

The Bahan Collective: Palm Cushion

Luxo Living: Rug

Riff Raff Baby: Racoon Sleep Toy

Cuddle+Kind: Fawn Knitted Doll

Al.ive Body Baby: Nappy and Nipple Cream Bunting

Hunter+Nomad: Ottoman

Tottie: Baby Bag

Myle: Storage Baskets

Bub Nest: Baby nest

Lifely: Futon

Chekoh: Baby wrap

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