Happy Homes with Jackie Hagart

Happy Homes with Jackie Hagart

In today's Happy Homes journal article we are hanging out with Jackie Hagart from @my_friend_jackies_house. Jackie takes us inside her modern Australian farmhouse to tell us about her journey into home styling, her favourite places to buy decor and everything in-between.  

In a nutshell can you give us a little overview about yourself?

Hi! I'm Jackie, but everyone calls me Jack. I'm 47 (ouch, that stings a little!!) and work full time in a Business Support Role but my hobby and passion is playing dress ups with our home!  

I live with my Fiancé Craig, and our Pug Oscar. We bought our home nearly 5 years ago and have loved doing some small projects & improvements to it. I started my Insta account during lockdown as a way to share some updates with friends & family, and it grew into so much more. I've made some really special friendships and continue to be inspired at all the beautiful homes & decor.

What is your favourite room in your home? 

I'd have to say my bedroom. It's where I feel most calm and can 'switch off' from life.  I'll often chill out in there with the Pug catching up on episodes of Real Housewives of Beverley Hills or scrolling Insta 

Plantiful Life Of Erin Boho Artwork

Artwork featured: Surfmist Peach, Chai River and Enchanted Summer in A3 size. 

How would you describe your signature style? 

Ok I've always struggled with this question. I think because my style is constantly transitioning. If I look back on my earlier posts I have a bit of a giggle - I mean, what was I thinking?? But at the same time, it's cool to see how much growth you can have in your decor style. 

I make style choices purely based on what I like, and what I think works well together, rather than trying to stay within the boundaries of a certain style or theme. With all that being said, right now I would define my signature style as Modern Australian Farmhouse with Scandi/Boho accents.

I love my Australian art and obsessed with recycled Australian timber furniture. My colours are anything earthy - rust, terracotta, eucalypt green. 


What is your favourite home/interior project to date? 

Probably our most recent project, the Study. We installed a VJ panel wall and went outside my usual safe zone and painted it a bold navy blue. The colour was actually Craig's idea and I have to say, I'm kinda obsessed with it! We had some custom timber furniture made, and I love the way it pops against the navy wall. 

Have you always had a passion for interior styling? 

I was a late bloomer! It wasn't until I was 30 when my ex-husband and I starting flipping houses that I discovered I loved interior decorating & styling. I would make all the colour choices, chose the fixtures & fittings, cabinetry etc as well as decorate the finished house. I loved it.. Now I just stick to decorating our home - but still manage to constantly switch things up! lol..

What does the perfect bedroom look like to you and what items are essential for bedroom room styling? 

Mmmm... ok for me it starts with the quality of the sheets. I'm a bit of a sheet snob - no less than 1000TC! lol.. Lighting is important - I love a beautiful warm glow from a bedside lamp at night time. We recently added sheers to our Master and I absolutely love how much softness it added. Oh, and cushions.. lots of cushions. 


What are some of your favourite interior brands / stores to shop at for your home?

I used to stick to the big brands when it came to decor, but the Insta community has definitely introduced me to some amazing small businesses. I love finding something unique, while at the same time supporting our friends & peers. Some favs for decor are Kirra Home, Cohen Luxe, Palm Abode

Art is a big deal for me too - I love Karina Jambrak, Steph Brooke, Mr Sista Creative and of course - Plantiful Life Of Erin

Don't get me wrong, I still love a browse down the aisles of Kmart, Pillowtalk and TK Maxx every now and then too! Oh, and don't even get me started on Robert Gordon Pottery. I think I have nearly the entire range! 

Where do you gather your inspiration?

Definitely Instagram, never really got into Pinterest. Sometimes I don't really know what I'm looking for, or have a 'vision' I'm trying to achieve, I'm just kind of building it as I go..

When styling a room, do you forward plan the entire room or collect items as you go? 

Oh woops, I kinda answered that one above, didn't I? lol.. So no, I'm not really a Planner so to speak. However, if I'm refreshing an entire room, I usually have a colour scheme in mind. Or I'm building around the art in that room - as in complementary colours and styles. Whenever I'm buying new stuff though, I'm asking myself where else it will work in my home. I try to buy decor that can be moved from room to room, rather than only having one purpose.

Tell us about your pet pug and where his favourite place is to hang out in your home.

Oscar is affectionally just known as Pug. He just turned 11 and absolutely runs the show. We love him to bits.

I'll get a little deep here... so bear with me! After many years of doing IVF, it was just after my last unsuccessful attempt that I brought home the Pug. He was my angel through some really hard times, he gave me something to love & nurture. 

Luckily, Craig loves him just as much, considering he was not really a 'dog' person when we met. I had nothing to worry about though, the Pug worked his magic within days!! 

His fav spot is wherever Mum & Dad are. He always has to be in the same room. That's why he often features in my reels, cause if I'm working on a room, he'll be right there snoring his head off on a pile of cushions! 

What’s your favourite way to spend your downtime? 

If I'm not fluffing about home moving things from room to room, then I'm more than happy to chill on the couch and do nothing. When Craig and I have time off together it usually involves good food, live music. We're lucky enough to live near the Mornington Peninsula so love a day trip to the Red Hill wineries.

Artwork featured: Surfmist Peach, Chai River and Enchanted Summer in A3 size. 

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