Happy Homes with Meisha Bate

Happy Homes with Meisha Bate

In this Happy Home's article we are introducing the lovely Meisha Bate from @meishaclaire. She takes us through her tips and tricks of being a mum as well as her insights on interior styling. 


Where do you seek inspiration in your creative styling process?

I love to scroll, Instagram or Pinterest. I save the photos that inspire me and find pieces that work well together. I create moodboards to see how it might come to life. The girls personalities and interests are an inspiration and I always include pieces they love in their spaces. 

Artwork featured: Unicorn Meadow and Marshmallow Posies in A2

What are some of your favourite family activities?

We love going to the beach! Taking our little dog Sammy for adventures and exploring new places.

Artwork featured: Bonnie the Bunny in A2 size. 

What has been the most rewarding part of being a mum?

Watching the girls grow and develop their own little personalities, seeing their strong bond develop. I love watching them play and listening to their imaginations run wild.

What advice would you give parents who want to style their kids’ bedrooms?

Pick a must have piece that you love and style around that. The girls are always involved and will choose items that they love to be featured as well.

Artwork featured: Rosie Galah, Wildflower Lane  and Hazel Kookaburra in A3 size. 

How do you manage your work life balance after becoming a parent?

I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to return to work part time. We have an amazing network of friends and family that help out with looking after the girls or doing school drop off/pick up on my work days. Hubby is very hands on helps out so much. Those work mornings are always a little hectic though! 

How has social media influenced your style?

Its fabulous to see all the emerging style trends and I love updating our spaces as the seasons change. It’s so easy to find new brands and products to feature as well. 

What is the most challenging part of styling a room?

Making the bed!! I love the messy bed styling and can never pull it off! 

How would you describe your interior design style?

I guess I’m influenced a lot by my girls personalities. Their bedroom spaces reflect this with Georgias being a little more vintage and Lucy’s having more pops of colour.

Artwork featured: Rosie Galah, Wildflower Lane  and Hazel Kookaburra in A3 size.

What are your favourite items in your kids’ rooms?

Georgia's room would have to be her bed from Village Little Interiors. I love Lucy’s wallpaper, it’s such a great feature.

Name a few of your favourite stores / brands for interior styling.

What project are you working on next?

I'd love to continue to style and update our master bedroom with some more beautiful pieces.
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