My Rebrand from Plantiful Life of Erin

My Rebrand from Plantiful Life of Erin
If you've been following my social media accounts, you may have noticed that I've undergone a rebrand from Plantiful Life of Erin to my name, Erin Bacchi. Let me share with you the story behind my art business and this change… 
Back in 2013, after returning from a memorable working holiday in London, I was bursting with inspiration from my European travels. Eager to showcase my artwork, I created an Instagram account dedicated to my art. To my surprise, people started reaching out, expressing their interest in purchasing my pieces. Selling my artwork was never something I had envisioned, but that's where my journey began.
Over the course of the next 5 years, my account went through various name changes. For a significant period, it was known as 'Deer Pineapple' because I had a phase where I mainly painted deer and pineapples. If you were to scroll way back on my account @erin.bacchi, you would witness the evolution of my style, transitioning from acrylics to watercolours and then to gouache.
Fast forward to 2020, during the Covid lockdown. After selling our first house, my family and I found ourselves temporarily residing at my mother-in-law's home, waiting to make decisions about our future and our new house build. With an extra set of hands to help with our 18-month-old and an abundance of spare time, I dusted off my paintbrushes and returned to the world of art, exploring a new style inspired by my journey through motherhood, nature and coastal living.
At that point, I had separate Instagram accounts for my art, cooking, my dog, and my personal life. It became overwhelming, so I made the decision to consolidate them all. I rebranded my account to 'Plantiful Life of Erin,' intending to share all things plant-related: paintings of plants, plant-based recipes, and pictures of indoor plants—my three favourite pastimes. However, as time went on, my art began to take centre stage. With each new design I shared, commission requests rolled in, and I found myself dedicating every spare waking moment to painting. It was a wonderful experience, but with the added responsibility of raising our toddler, it became challenging to keep up.
That's when I made the pivotal decision to transform my paintings into prints and establish my website, effectively turning my beloved hobby into a business. Now, as we find ourselves halfway through 2023, and as my artistic career has definitely taken precedence over my focus on plants, I've decided that as an artist, Erin Bacchi is a more authentic representation of the work I create and share, opposed to my previous brand Plantiful Life of Erin.
 So, moving forward, this is who I am: Erin Bacchi, Australian Artist.
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