Happy Homes With Natasha Scotney

Happy Homes With Natasha Scotney

From styling tips to decorating on a budget, Tash from @thestylingdiarieswithtash shares her passion for creating a beautiful home.

Hi Tash! Tell us about yourself and your beautiful family… 

Hi I'm Natasha, but everyone calls me Tash! I've always enjoyed styling and restyling my home I find it so therapeutic! I'm also a massive true crime fan. I'm a mum of two, my daughter Mia is 14, she's just started applying for her first job which has reminded me how fast time flies from when they're little! My son Noah is 12 and he is in his final year of primary school. I've just recently celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary to my husband Chris. I was a single parent for many years so it's been a journey adjusting to life as four. I've worked many jobs over the years from legal secretary to receptionist and most recently a secondary school teacher aide. I'm now focusing my time on being a stay at home parent and my little side hustle on Instagram which has been an amazing creative outlet for me!


How would you describe your interior style?

Ohh that's a tricky one! I'm not quite sure I know what my style is...basically just a collection of things I love that make me happy! If I had to pick a style I would say boho eclectic maybe? Haha it's so hard! I'm not a minimalist or a maximalist but definitely in the middle! I love a pop of colour and pink green and peach are my favourites.

Are you currently living in your ‘forever home’?

We're not yet in our forever home. We've had a few set backs but eventually would love something on property with lots of character and charm! Maybe room for a few little farm animals...thats the goal! I've been in our current home for almost 11 years now so the kids have grown up here and I've overcome many challenges as a single mum so it holds a lot of memories and it will be definitely sad to leave one day!


Any advice on decorating a space on a limited budget?

A beautiful home can definitely be achieved on a limited budget! DIYs are great at keeping costs low and getting your 'creative on' is always fun! Instagram and Pintrest are full of awesome dupes that even beginner DIY-ers can achieve. Thrifting is awesome too for finding unique low cost pieces. I love to incorporate plants in the home - you can pick them up from markets at a great price and they are so good at bringing life to any area in the home. You can find some gorgeous soft furnishings like throws and cushions on a budget too and they are great for  making a space pop. I love buying the IKEA feather inserts and their cushion covers are great quality! It allows you to switch up your colours affordably through the seasons.


How do you like to spend your weekends?

I love spending my weekends with my family out in nature as much as I can. Hiking, going for picnics and random road trips to new places making memories are so good for the soul! We love heading out to the Scenic Rim for a day trip or down to Byron Bay. I also love a good movie day indoors with lots of snacks haha.


Artwork featured: Hazel Kookaburra in A3 size. 

Do you have a favourite room to style within your home??

Ohhh a favourite room to style now would have to be Mia's room! I had so much fun making it over recently. Luckily she isn't too fussed with how I decorate it so she let me do whatever I liked and thankfully she loved the end result! I added in wallpaper and it gave it such a cozy feel.

What are some things you look out for when choosing art for your home?

I love adding art into my home. It's a great way to bring personality in! When looking for art I always like something a little eclectic and fun and a good mix of colour.

Artwork featured: Fizzy Sherbet in A3 size. 

I see that you like to DIY home decor! If you could pick one project that you’re most proud of what would it be?

Yes I love a good simple DIY - I'm not the best at them and have failed a few times haha but it's always fun! I would say my coffee table would have to be my fave DIY...I picked it up for $15 second hand then painted it a perfect soft pink. The legs are chunky and it has such a fun look!

What are your top 5 small decor businesses you love to support?

I've been so lucky to connect with some amazing small businesses on Instagram. Palm Abode is great for fun boho coastal decor, Boho Morroco do amazing cushions and vintage rugs, Hello Footprint makes beautiful thoughtful hand made macrame pieces, Erin Bacchi has the most stunning art in the prettiest colours and Gabbsies Beads has stunning ceramics.

What do you think are the most important elements to include in a family home?

I think the most Important element for any home really is for it to be a place that everyone feels comfortable, safe and at peace. A house needs to feel like a home that you belong to so I think adding in sentimental pieces with meaning and family photos are really special. Then of course all the practical elements like lots of storage, functional but fun spaces and a good size backyard is great for a family.

What are some of your favourite brand collaborations via your instagram account?

I've worked on some amazing collaborations which I'm so grateful for. I really enjoyed recently working with my local city council to show people how great thrifting at local tip stores can be. I got to set a challenge to find a piece for under $50 to upcycle and I was able to turn a vintage dresser into my new desk.

Artwork featured: Surfmist Peach in A3 size. 

Do you have any new upcoming projects you can share with us?

I'm currently working on finishing off a couple of spaces in my home. My home office is almost finished, I have a new desk that I upcycled and I have a few other diys for the space I'm going to get started on! and my sons room is getting a few new additions soon too. 

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